PYTHIA  8.303
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QEDShower Class Reference

Class for performing QED showers. More...

#include <VinciaQED.h>

Public Member Functions

 QEDShower ()
void initPtr (Info *infoPtrIn, VinciaCommon *vinCluPtrIn)
 Initialise pointers (called at construction time). More...
void init (BeamParticle *beamAPtrIn=0, BeamParticle *beamBPtrIn=0)
 Initialise settings for current run (called as part of Pythia::init()) More...
void prepare (int iSysIn, Event &event, bool isBelowHadIn)
 Prepare to shower a system. More...
void update (Event &event, int iSys)
 Update QED shower system(s) each time something has changed in event. More...
void setVerbose (int verboseIn)
 Set verbosity level.
double generateTrialScale (Event &event, double q2Start)
 Generate a trial scale. More...
bool checkVeto (Event &event)
 Check the veto.
bool isInit ()
 Check if initialized.
int sysWin ()
 Return the system window.
double q2minColoured ()
 Return scales.
double q2min ()


class VinciaFSR
 Friends for internal private members.

Detailed Description

Class for performing QED showers.

Member Function Documentation

double generateTrialScale ( Event event,
double  q2Start 

Generate a trial scale.

Get a trial from every system.




void init ( BeamParticle beamAPtrIn = 0,
BeamParticle beamBPtrIn = 0 

Initialise settings for current run (called as part of Pythia::init())

Initialize settings for current run.

Initialize alphaEM

Change Pythia settings, initialize, then change them back.

Get settings.

QED cutoff for coloured particles/hadronisation scale.

Set beam pointers.

void initPtr ( Info infoPtrIn,
VinciaCommon vinComPtrIn 

Initialise pointers (called at construction time).

Class for performing QED showers.

Initialize the pointers.

void prepare ( int  iSysIn,
Event event,
bool  isBelowHadIn 

Prepare to shower a system.

Verbose output

Above or below hadronisation scale.

Initialize windows for the hard systen and the final after beam remnants system.

The cutoff scale is the lowest window boundary, then step up to q2Max successively by factor winStep.

Find out if showering a resonance decay.

If showering a resonance decay or below hadronization scale clear out all previous systems.

Special case: iSysIn = -1 implies below hadronisation scale. Collect all final-state particles into one new system. Note: this system will have sum(charge) != 0 if the sum of the beam charges is nonzero.

Loop over all particles in event rather than all parton systems since beam remnant partons not part of any partonSystem.

Add new systems.

Initialze pointers.

Initialize. Note, these calls read from settings database, should be rewritten to require settings to be read only once.

Prepare and build QED systems.

Verbose output.

void update ( Event event,
int  iSys 

Update QED shower system(s) each time something has changed in event.

Find index of the system.

Rebuild systems.

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