PYTHIA  8.303
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QEDconvSystem Class Reference

Class for a QED conversion system. More...

#include <VinciaQED.h>

Public Member Functions

 QEDconvSystem ()
void initPtr (Info *infoPtrIn, VinciaCommon *vinCluPtrIn)
 Initialize the pointers. More...
void init (BeamParticle *beamAPtrIn, BeamParticle *beamBPtrIn, int verboseIn)
 Initialize the system. More...
void prepare (int iSysIn, Event &event, double q2CutIn, bool isBelowHadIn, vector< double > evolutionWindowsIn, AlphaEM alIn)
 Prepare for backwards-evolution of photons. More...
void buildSystem (Event &event)
 Build the system. More...
double generateTrialScale (Event &event, double q2Start)
 Generate a trial scale. More...
bool checkVeto (Event &event)
 Check the veto. More...
void print ()

Detailed Description

Class for a QED conversion system.

Member Function Documentation

void buildSystem ( Event event)

Build the system.

Get rid of saved trial.

Get initial states.

bool checkVeto ( Event event)

Check the veto.

Mark trial as used

Conversion mass.

Spectator ID.

New momenta.

Note that we treat the initial state as massless and the final state as massive. q2 is defined as saj - 2*mf2, but otherwise we adhere to the proper kinematics.

Check kinematic boundaries.

Check if photon is in beam a or b.

Global recoil momenta.


Check if new energies don't exceed hadronic maxima.

Kernel veto probability.

Compute pdf ratios.

Photon pdf.

Spectator pdf.

Photon pdf.

Spectator pdf.

Pdf ratio veto probability.

Do veto.

Passed veto, set up new particles.

Stochastic colour tag.

Change daughters of beams for hard process.

Update event for global recoil.

Copy the recoiler and change the momentum.

Update parton system.

Recoilers and initial particles.

Update beams.

double generateTrialScale ( Event event,
double  q2Start 

Generate a trial scale.

Return if saved trial.

Check if there are any photons.

Select a photon.

Two photon antennae -> twice the weight.

Starting scale.

Check if qTrial is below the cutoff.

Find lower value from evolution window.

Iz integral.

If no antennae are active, don't generate new scale.

Generate scale and do alpha veto.

Check if evolution window was crossed.

Select conversion ID.

void init ( BeamParticle beamAPtrIn,
BeamParticle beamBPtrIn,
int  verboseIn 

Initialize the system.

Verbosity setting.

Settings, number of incoming flavours to allow conversions to. Could be extended to allow top quarks in future; for now up to b.

Set trial pdf ratios.


Beam pointers.

void initPtr ( Info infoPtrIn,
VinciaCommon vinComPtrIn 

Initialize the pointers.

Class for a QED conversion system.

Initialize the pointers.

void prepare ( int  iSysIn,
Event event,
double  q2CutIn,
bool  isBelowHadIn,
vector< double >  evolutionWindowsIn,
AlphaEM  alIn 

Prepare for backwards-evolution of photons.


Set up weights for conversion flavours.

If switched off, do nothing.

Only do conversions to quarks if above hadronisation scale.

Total weights.

Build system.

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