PYTHIA  8.303
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QEDsplitSystem Class Reference

Class for a QED splitting system. More...

#include <VinciaQED.h>

Public Member Functions

 QEDsplitSystem ()
void initPtr (Info *infoPtrIn, VinciaCommon *vinComPtrIn)
 Initialize pointers. More...
void init (BeamParticle *beamAPtrIn, BeamParticle *beamBPtrIn, int verboseIn)
void prepare (int iSysIn, Event &event, double q2CutIn, bool isBelowHadIn, vector< double > evolutionWindowsIn, AlphaEM alIn)
 Prepare list of final-state photons - with recoilers - for splittings. More...
void buildSystem (Event &event)
 Build the splitting system. More...
double generateTrialScale (Event &event, double q2Start)
 Generate a scale for the system. More...
bool checkVeto (Event &event)
 Check the veto. More...
void print ()
 Print the system.

Detailed Description

Class for a QED splitting system.

Member Function Documentation

void buildSystem ( Event event)

Build the splitting system.

Get rid of saved trial and clear all antennae.

Build lists of particles.

Only involve final state particles.

Find photons.

Find recoilers.

If no charged and no uncharged spectators, return.

Loop over photons.

If no charged spectators, use uncharged.

Check if there is another spectator than the current photon.

Continue to next photon if no spectator is available.

Select one at random that's not the photon itself.

Else use charged spectators.

Set up Ariadne factors.

bool checkVeto ( Event event)

Check the veto.

Mark trial as used

Set up some shorthands.

New momenta.

ij is the new pair, k is the spectator.

Check phase space.

Kernel veto.


Set up the new fermions. Stochastic colour tag.

Change the event - add new particles.

Adjust old ones.

Update parton system.

double generateTrialScale ( Event event,
double  q2Start 

Generate a scale for the system.

Return saved trial.

Check if there are any photons left.

Starting scale - account for cut on mGammaMax.

Check if qTrial is below the cutoff.

Find lower value from evolution window.

Compute weights.

If no antennae are active, don't generate new scale.

Generate scale and do alpha veto.

Check if evolution window was crossed.

Select antenna.

Select splitting ID.

Generate value of zeta and phi.

void initPtr ( Info infoPtrIn,
VinciaCommon vinComPtrIn 

Initialize pointers.

Class for a QED splitting system.

Initialize pointers.

void prepare ( int  iSysIn,
Event event,
double  q2CutIn,
bool  isBelowHadIn,
vector< double >  evolutionWindowsIn,
AlphaEM  alIn 

Prepare list of final-state photons - with recoilers - for splittings.


Set up weights for splitting flavours.

Splittings for gamma->lepton+lepton-.

Only include gamma->qqbar if above hadronisation scale.

Total weights.

Build internal system.

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