PYTHIA  8.303
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QGEmitRF Class Reference

Class QGEmitRF, resonance-final antenna function. More...

#include <VinciaAntennaFunctions.h>

Inheritance diagram for QGEmitRF:
QGEmitIF AntennaFunctionIF AntennaFunctionIX AntennaFunction

Public Member Functions

string vinciaName () const
 Names (remember to redefine both for each inherited class).
int idA () const
 Parton types AB -> ijk with A,i initial and B,k,j final.
int idB () const
int ida () const
int idb () const
int id1 () const
double zA (vector< double >)
 Mark that this function does not have a zA collinear limit.
bool isRFant ()
 Return this is a resonance-final antenna.
void getTestMasses (vector< double > &masses)
 Test masses (top, gluon, gluon, X).
virtual double AltarelliParisi (vector< double > invariants, vector< double >, vector< int >, vector< int >)
 AP with dummy helicities and masses.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QGEmitIF
virtual int id0 () const
virtual int id2 () const
virtual double antFun (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses, vector< int > helBef, vector< int > helNew)
 The antenna function [GeV^-2]. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AntennaFunctionIF
virtual bool init ()
 Method to initialise (can be different than that of the base class). More...
virtual bool check ()
 Function to check singularities, positivity, etc. More...
virtual double zB (vector< double > invariants)
virtual bool isIIant ()
 Methods to tell II, IF, and RF apart.
virtual bool checkRes ()
 Check for resonances. More...
virtual bool getTestInvariants (vector< double > &invariants, vector< double > masses, double yaj, double yjk)
 Create the test invariants for the checkRes method.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AntennaFunction
 AntennaFunction ()=default
virtual ~AntennaFunction ()
virtual string baseName () const
 Construct baseName from idA, idB, and id1.
virtual string humanName () const
 Wrapper that can modify baseName to more human readable form if required.
virtual void initMasses (vector< double > *masses)
 Method to intialise mass values.
virtual int initHel (vector< int > *helBef, vector< int > *helNew)
 Method to initialise internal helicity variables. More...
double antFun (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses)
 Wrapper for helicity-summed/averaged antenna function.
double antFun (vector< double > invariants)
 Wrapper for massless, helicity-summed/averaged antenna function.
double AltarelliParisi (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses)
 Wrapper without helicity assignments.
double AltarelliParisi (vector< double > invariants)
 Wrapper for massless helicity-summed/averaged DGLAP kernels.
void initPtr (Info *infoPtrIn, DGLAP *dglapPtrIn)
 Initialize pointers. More...
double chargeFac ()
 Get parameters.
int kineMap ()
double alpha ()
double sectorDamp ()
double zA (vector< double > invariants)
 Functions to get Altarelli-Parisi energy fractions from invariants.
double zB (vector< double > invariants)
string id2str (int id) const
 Auxiliary function to translate an ID code to a string. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AntennaFunctionIF
double massiveEikonal (double saj, double sjk, double sak, double m_a, double m_k)
double massiveEikonal (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses)
 Massive eikonal factor, given invariants and masses.
double gramDet (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses)
 Return the Gram determinant.
double antFunCollLimit (vector< double > invariants, vector< double > masses)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AntennaFunction
bool isInitPtr {false}
 Is initialized.
bool isInit {false}
double chargeFacSav {0.0}
 Charge factor, kinematics map, and subleading-colour treatment.
int kineMapSav {0}
int modeSLC {-1}
bool sectorShower {false}
double alphaSav {0.0}
 The alpha collinear-partitioning parameter.
double sectorDampSav {0.0}
 The sector-shower collinear dampening parameter.
double term {}
 Shorthand for commonly used variable(s).
double preFacFiniteTermSav {0.0}
double antMinSav {0.0}
bool isMinVar {}
double mi {0.0}
 Variables for internal storage of masses and helicities.
double mj {0.0}
double mk {0.0}
int hA {9}
int hB {9}
int hi {9}
int hj {9}
int hk {9}
map< int, bool > LH {{9, true}, {1, false}, {-1, true}}
map< int, bool > RH {{9, true}, {1, true}, {-1, false}}
int verbose {1}
 Verbosity level.
InfoinfoPtr {}
 Pointers to Pythia8 classes.
ParticleDataparticleDataPtr {}
SettingssettingsPtr {}
RndmrndmPtr {}
DGLAPdglapPtr {}
 Pointer to VINCIA DGLAP class.
vector< double > mDum {0, 0, 0, 0}
 Dummy vectors.
vector< int > hDum {9, 9, 9, 9}

Detailed Description

Class QGEmitRF, resonance-final antenna function.

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