PYTHIA  8.303
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ResolvedParton Class Reference

#include <BeamParticle.h>

Public Member Functions

 ResolvedParton (int iPosIn=0, int idIn=0, double xIn=0., int companionIn=-1)
void iPos (int iPosIn)
 Set info on initiator or remnant parton.
void id (int idIn)
void x (double xIn)
void update (int iPosIn, int idIn, double xIn)
void companion (int companionIn)
void xqCompanion (double xqCompIn)
void p (Vec4 pIn)
void px (double pxIn)
void py (double pyIn)
void pz (double pzIn)
void e (double eIn)
void m (double mIn)
void col (int colIn)
void acol (int acolIn)
void cols (int colIn=0, int acolIn=0)
void scalePT (double factorIn)
void scaleX (double factorIn)
int iPos () const
 Get info on initiator or remnant parton.
int id () const
double x () const
int companion () const
bool isValence () const
bool isUnmatched () const
bool isCompanion () const
bool isFromBeam () const
double xqCompanion () const
Vec4 p () const
double px () const
double py () const
double pz () const
double e () const
double m () const
double pT () const
double mT2 () const
double pPos () const
double pNeg () const
int col () const
int acol () const
double pTfactor () const
bool hasCol () const
bool hasAcol () const

Detailed Description

This class holds info on a parton resolved inside the incoming beam, i.e. either an initiator (part of a hard or a multiparton interaction) or a remnant (part of the beam remnant treatment). The companion code is -1 from onset and for g, is -2 for an unmatched sea quark, is >= 0 for a matched sea quark, with the number giving the companion position, and is -3 for a valence quark. Rescattering partons properly do not belong here, but bookkeeping is simpler with them, so they are stored with companion code -10.

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