PYTHIA  8.303
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ShowerModel Class Referenceabstract

#include <ShowerModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for ShowerModel:
PhysicsBase Dire SimpleShowerModel Vincia

Public Member Functions

 ShowerModel ()=default
 Empty constructor.
virtual ~ShowerModel ()
 Empty virtual destructor.
virtual bool init (MergingPtr mergPtrIn, MergingHooksPtr mergHooksPtrIn, PartonVertexPtr partonVertexPtrIn, WeightContainer *weightContainerPtrIn)=0
virtual bool initAfterBeams ()=0
virtual TimeShowerPtr getTimeShower () const
 Access the pointers to the different model components.
virtual TimeShowerPtr getTimeDecShower () const
virtual SpaceShowerPtr getSpaceShower () const
virtual MergingPtr getMerging () const
virtual MergingHooksPtr getMergingHooks () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
void initInfoPtr (Info &infoPtrIn)
 This function is called from above for physics objects used in a run. More...
virtual ~PhysicsBase ()
 Empty virtual destructor.
bool flag (string key) const
 Shorthand to read settings values.
int mode (string key) const
double parm (string key) const
string word (string key) const

Protected Attributes

TimeShowerPtr timesPtr {}
 The object responsible for generating time-like showers.
TimeShowerPtr timesDecPtr {}
 The object responsible for generating time-like showers in decays.
SpaceShowerPtr spacePtr {}
 The object responsible for generating space-like showers.
MergingPtr mergingPtr {}
 The object responsible for merging with matrix elements.
MergingHooksPtr mergingHooksPtr {}
 The object responsible for user modifications to the merging.
- Protected Attributes inherited from PhysicsBase
InfoinfoPtr = {}
SettingssettingsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the settings database.
ParticleDataparticleDataPtr = {}
 Pointer to the particle data table.
HadronWidthshadronWidthsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the hadron widths data table.
RndmrndmPtr = {}
 Pointer to the random number generator.
CoupSMcoupSMPtr = {}
 Pointers to SM and SUSY couplings.
CoupSUSYcoupSUSYPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDBPtr = {}
PartonSystemspartonSystemsPtr = {}
 Pointer to information on subcollision parton locations.
SigmaTotalsigmaTotPtr = {}
 Pointer to the total/elastic/diffractive cross sections.
set< PhysicsBase * > subObjects
UserHooksPtr userHooksPtr

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PhysicsBase
enum  Status {
 Enumerate the different status codes the event generation can have.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
 PhysicsBase ()
 Default constructor.
virtual void onInitInfoPtr ()
virtual void onBeginEvent ()
 This function is called in the very beginning of each Pythia::next call.
virtual void onEndEvent (Status)
virtual void onStat ()
 This function is called from the Pythia::stat() call.
void registerSubObject (PhysicsBase &pb)
 Register a sub object that should have its information in sync with this.

Detailed Description

ShowerModel is the base class for handling parton-shower algorithms, including merging methods.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool init ( MergingPtr  mergPtrIn,
MergingHooksPtr  mergHooksPtrIn,
PartonVertexPtr  partonVertexPtrIn,
WeightContainer weightContainerPtrIn 
pure virtual

Function called from Pythia after the basic pointers has been set. Derived classes should create objects of the specific model objects to be used. Pointers to merging and merging hooks may be overwritten in derived classes.

Implemented in Dire, SimpleShowerModel, and Vincia.

virtual bool initAfterBeams ( )
pure virtual

Function called from Pythia after the beam particles have been set up, so that showers may be initialized after the beams are initialized.

Implemented in Dire, SimpleShowerModel, and Vincia.

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