PYTHIA  8.305
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Sigma1ffbar2GravitonStar Class Reference

A derived class for f fbar -> G^* (excited graviton state). More...

#include <SigmaExtraDim.h>

Inheritance diagram for Sigma1ffbar2GravitonStar:
Sigma1Process SigmaProcess PhysicsBase

Public Member Functions

 Sigma1ffbar2GravitonStar ()
virtual void initProc ()
 Initialize process. More...
virtual void sigmaKin ()
 Calculate flavour-independent parts of cross section. More...
virtual double sigmaHat ()
 Evaluate sigmaHat(sHat). More...
virtual void setIdColAcol ()
 Select flavour, colour and anticolour. More...
virtual double weightDecay (Event &process, int iResBeg, int iResEnd)
 Evaluate weight for G* decay angle. More...
virtual string name () const
 Info on the subprocess.
virtual int code () const
virtual string inFlux () const
 Need to know which incoming partons to set up interaction for.
virtual int resonanceA () const
 Special treatment needed if process contains an s-channel resonance.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sigma1Process
virtual ~Sigma1Process ()
virtual int nFinal () const
 Number of final-state particles.
virtual void set1Kin (double x1in, double x2in, double sHin)
 Input and complement kinematics for resolved 2 -> 1 process.
virtual double sigmaHatWrap (int id1in=0, int id2in=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SigmaProcess
virtual ~SigmaProcess ()
void init (BeamParticle *beamAPtrIn, BeamParticle *beamBPtrIn, SLHAinterface *slhaInterfacePtrIn=0)
 Perform simple initialization and store pointers. More...
void setLHAPtr (LHAupPtr lhaUpPtrIn)
 Store or replace Les Houches pointer.
virtual bool initFlux ()
 Set up allowed flux of incoming partons. Default is no flux. More...
virtual void set2Kin (double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double)
virtual void set2KinMPI (double, double, double, double, double, double, double, bool, double, double)
virtual void set3Kin (double, double, double, Vec4, Vec4, Vec4, double, double, double, double, double, double)
virtual double sigmaPDF (bool initPS=false, bool samexGamma=false, bool useNewXvalues=false, double x1New=0., double x2New=0.)
void pickInState (int id1in=0, int id2in=0)
 Select incoming parton channel and extract parton densities (resolved). More...
virtual bool final2KinMPI (int=0, int=0, Vec4=0., Vec4=0., double=0., double=0.)
 Perform kinematics for a Multiparton Interaction, in its rest frame.
virtual void setScale ()
 Set scale, when that is missing for an external LHA process.
virtual bool convert2mb () const
 Need to know whether to convert cross section answer from GeV^-2 to mb.
virtual bool convertM2 () const
 For 2 -> 2 process optional conversion from |M|^2 to d(sigmaHat)/d(tHat).
virtual bool isLHA () const
 Special treatment needed for Les Houches processes.
virtual bool isNonDiff () const
 Special treatment needed for elastic and diffractive processes.
virtual bool isResolved () const
virtual bool isDiffA () const
virtual bool isDiffB () const
virtual bool isDiffC () const
virtual bool isSUSY () const
 Special treatment needed for SUSY processes.
virtual bool allowNegativeSigma () const
 Special treatment needed if negative cross sections allowed.
virtual int id3Mass () const
virtual int id4Mass () const
virtual int id5Mass () const
virtual int resonanceB () const
virtual bool isSChannel () const
 2 -> 2 and 2 -> 3 processes only through s-channel exchange.
virtual int idSChannel () const
 NOAM: Insert an intermediate resonance in 2 -> 1 -> 2 (or 3) listings.
virtual bool isQCD3body () const
 QCD 2 -> 3 processes need special phase space selection machinery.
virtual int idTchan1 () const
 Special treatment in 2 -> 3 with two massive propagators.
virtual int idTchan2 () const
virtual double tChanFracPow1 () const
virtual double tChanFracPow2 () const
virtual bool useMirrorWeight () const
virtual int gmZmode () const
 Special process-specific gamma*/Z0 choice if >=0 (e.g. f fbar -> H0 Z0).
bool swappedTU () const
 Tell whether tHat and uHat are swapped (= same as swap 3 and 4).
int id (int i) const
 Give back particle properties: flavours, colours, masses, or all.
int col (int i) const
int acol (int i) const
double m (int i) const
Particle getParton (int i) const
double Q2Ren () const
double alphaEMRen () const
double alphaSRen () const
double Q2Fac () const
double pdf1 () const
double pdf2 () const
double thetaMPI () const
 Give back angles; relevant only for multipe-interactions processes.
double phiMPI () const
double sHBetaMPI () const
double pT2MPI () const
double pTMPIFin () const
void saveKin ()
 Save and load kinematics for trial interactions.
void loadKin ()
void swapKin ()
virtual void setIdInDiff (int, int)
 Set the incoming ids for diffraction.
- Public Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
void initInfoPtr (Info &infoPtrIn)
 This function is called from above for physics objects used in a run. More...
virtual ~PhysicsBase ()
 Empty virtual destructor.
bool flag (string key) const
 Shorthand to read settings values.
int mode (string key) const
double parm (string key) const
string word (string key) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from PhysicsBase
enum  Status {
 Enumerate the different status codes the event generation can have.
- Public Attributes inherited from SigmaProcess
Z0 gamma *Z0Usage: weightDecayFlav( process). */ virtual double weightDecayFlav( Event&) {return 1.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Sigma1Process
 Sigma1Process ()
virtual void store1Kin (double x1in, double x2in, double sHin)
 Store kinematics and set scales for resolved 2 -> 1 process. More...
virtual bool setupForME ()
 Calculate modified masses and four-vectors for matrix elements. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SigmaProcess
 SigmaProcess ()
void addBeamA (int idIn)
void addBeamB (int idIn)
int sizeBeamA () const
int sizeBeamB () const
void addPair (int idAIn, int idBIn)
int sizePair () const
bool setupForMEin ()
 Calculate incoming modified masses and four-vectors for matrix elements. More...
void setId (int id1in=0, int id2in=0, int id3in=0, int id4in=0, int id5in=0)
 Set flavour, colour and anticolour.
void setColAcol (int col1=0, int acol1=0, int col2=0, int acol2=0, int col3=0, int acol3=0, int col4=0, int acol4=0, int col5=0, int acol5=0)
void swapColAcol ()
void swapCol1234 ()
void swapCol12 ()
void swapCol34 ()
double weightTopDecay (Event &process, int iResBeg, int iResEnd)
 Common code for top and Higgs secondary decay angular weights. More...
double weightHiggsDecay (Event &process, int iResBeg, int iResEnd)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PhysicsBase
 PhysicsBase ()
 Default constructor.
virtual void onInitInfoPtr ()
virtual void onBeginEvent ()
 This function is called in the very beginning of each Pythia::next call.
virtual void onEndEvent (Status)
virtual void onStat ()
 This function is called from the Pythia::stat() call.
void registerSubObject (PhysicsBase &pb)
 Register a sub object that should have its information in sync with this.
- Protected Attributes inherited from SigmaProcess
 Pointer to an SLHA object.
LHAupPtr lhaUpPtr
 Pointer to LHAup for generating external events.
int nQuarkIn
 Initialization data, normally only set once.
int renormScale1
int renormScale2
int renormScale3
int renormScale3VV
int factorScale1
int factorScale2
int factorScale3
int factorScale3VV
double Kfactor
double mcME
double mbME
double mmuME
double mtauME
double renormMultFac
double renormFixScale
double factorMultFac
double factorFixScale
int higgsH1parity
 CP violation parameters for Higgs sector, normally only set once.
int higgsH2parity
int higgsA3parity
double higgsH1eta
double higgsH2eta
double higgsA3eta
double higgsH1phi
double higgsH2phi
double higgsA3phi
int idA
 Information on incoming beams.
int idB
double mA
double mB
bool isLeptonA
bool isLeptonB
bool hasLeptonBeams
bool beamA2gamma
bool beamB2gamma
bool hasGamma
vector< InBeaminBeamA
 Partons in beams, with PDF's.
vector< InBeaminBeamB
vector< InPairinPair
 Allowed colliding parton pairs, with pdf's.
double mH
 Store common subprocess kinematics quantities.
double sH
double sH2
double Q2RenSave
 Store Q2 renormalization and factorization scales, and related values.
double alpEM
double alpS
double Q2FacSave
double x1Save
double x2Save
double pdf1Save
double pdf2Save
double sigmaSumSave
int id1
 Store flavour, colour, anticolour, mass, angles and the whole particle.
int id2
int id3
int id4
int id5
int idSave [12]
int colSave [12]
int acolSave [12]
double mSave [12]
double cosTheta
double sinTheta
double phi
double sHMass
double sHBeta
double pT2Mass
double pTFin
Particle parton [12]
Particle partonT [12]
double mSaveT [12]
double pTFinT
double cosThetaT
double sinThetaT
double phiT
double mME [12]
Vec4 pME [12]
bool swapTU
 Store whether tHat and uHat are swapped (= same as swap 3 and 4).
- Protected Attributes inherited from PhysicsBase
InfoinfoPtr = {}
SettingssettingsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the settings database.
ParticleDataparticleDataPtr = {}
 Pointer to the particle data table.
HadronWidthshadronWidthsPtr = {}
 Pointer to the hadron widths data table.
RndmrndmPtr = {}
 Pointer to the random number generator.
CoupSMcoupSMPtr = {}
 Pointers to SM and SUSY couplings.
CoupSUSYcoupSUSYPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamPomBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamGamBPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDAPtr = {}
BeamParticlebeamVMDBPtr = {}
PartonSystemspartonSystemsPtr = {}
 Pointer to information on subcollision parton locations.
SigmaTotalsigmaTotPtr = {}
 Pointer to the total/elastic/diffractive cross sections.
set< PhysicsBase * > subObjects
UserHooksPtr userHooksPtr
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SigmaProcess
static const double CONVERT2MB = 0.389380
 Constants: could only be changed in the code itself. More...
static const double MASSMARGIN = 0.1
 The sum of outgoing masses must not be too close to the cm energy.
static const double COMPRELERR = 1e-10
static const int NCOMPSTEP = 10

Detailed Description

A derived class for f fbar -> G^* (excited graviton state).

Member Function Documentation

void initProc ( )

Initialize process.

Sigma1ffbar2GravitonStar class. Cross section for f fbar -> G* (excited graviton state).

Store G* mass and width for propagator.

SMinBulk = off/on, use universal coupling (kappaMG) or individual (Gxx) between graviton and SM particles.

Set pointer to particle properties and decay table.

Reimplemented from SigmaProcess.

void setIdColAcol ( )

Select flavour, colour and anticolour.

Select identity, colour and anticolour.

Flavours trivial.

Colour flow topologies. Swap when antiquarks.

Reimplemented from SigmaProcess.

double sigmaHat ( )

Evaluate sigmaHat(sHat).

Evaluate sigmaHat(sHat), part dependent of incoming flavour.

RS graviton coupling

If initial quarks, 1/N_C

Reimplemented from Sigma1Process.

void sigmaKin ( )

Calculate flavour-independent parts of cross section.

Evaluate sigmaHat(sHat), part independent of incoming flavour.

Incoming width for fermions, disregarding colour factor.

Set up Breit-Wigner. Width out only includes open channels.

Modify cross section in wings of peak. Done.

Reimplemented from SigmaProcess.

double weightDecay ( Event process,
int  iResBeg,
int  iResEnd 

Evaluate weight for G* decay angle.

Evaluate weight for G* decay angle. SA: Angle dist. for decay G* -> W/Z/h, based on Phys.Rev. D65 (2002) 075008, [arXiv:hep-ph/0103308v3]

Identity of mother of decaying reseonance(s).

For top decay hand over to standard routine.

G* should sit in entry 5.

Phase space factors. Reconstruct decay angle.

Default is isotropic decay.

Angular weight for f + fbar -> G* -> f + fbar.

Angular weight for f + fbar -> G* -> g + g or gamma + gamma.

Angular weight for f + fbar -> G* -> Z + Z or W + W.

Longitudinal W/Z only.

Transverse W/Z contributions as well.

Angular weight for f + fbar -> G* -> h + h


Reimplemented from SigmaProcess.

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