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SigmaRPP Class Reference

#include <SigmaTotal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SigmaRPP ()
virtual void init (Info *infoPtrIn)
 Initialize data members.
virtual bool calcTotEl (int idAin, int idBin, double sIn, double, double)
 Calculate integrated total/elastic cross sections. More...
virtual double dsigmaEl (double t, bool useCoulomb=false, bool=true)
 Differential elastic cross section.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SigmaTotAux
 SigmaTotAux ()
virtual ~SigmaTotAux ()
virtual bool calcDiff (int, int, double, double, double)
virtual double dsigmaSD (double, double, bool=true, int=0)
virtual bool splitDiff ()
 Possibility to separate xi and t choices for diffraction.
virtual double dsigmaDD (double, double, double, int=0)
virtual double dsigmaCD (double, double, double, double, int)
virtual double mMinCD ()
 Minimal central diffractive mass.
pair< double, double > tRange (double sIn, double s1In, double s2In, double s3In, double s4In)
bool tInRange (double tIn, double sIn, double s1In, double s2In, double s3In, double s4In)
double pFormFac (double tIn)
 Commonly used proton form factor.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SigmaTotAux
bool isExpEl
 Store total and elastic cross section properties.
bool hasCou
double sigTot
double rhoOwn
double sigEl
double bEl
double sigTotCou
double sigElCou
double sigXB
 Store diffractive cross sections.
double sigAX
double sigXX
double sigAXB
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SigmaTotAux
virtual bool initCoulomb (Settings &settings, ParticleData *particleDataPtrIn)
 Initialize Coulomb correction parameters. More...
virtual bool addCoulomb ()
 Add Coulomb corrections to the elastic and total cross sections. More...
virtual double dsigmaElCoulomb (double t)
 Coulomb contribution to the differential elastic cross sections. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SigmaTotAux
int idA
 Initialization data, normally only set once.
int idB
bool tryCoulomb
 Add Coulomb corrections to the elastic cross section.
double chgSgn
double tAbsMin
double lambda
double phaseCst
 Pointer to the particle data table.
 Pointer to the random number generator.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SigmaTotAux
static const int NPOINTS = 1000
 Constants: could only be changed in the code itself. More...
static const double ALPHAEM = 0.00729353
 alpha_em(0). More...
static const double CONVERTEL = 0.0510925
 Conversion coefficients = 1/(16pi) * (mb <-> GeV^2).
static const double MPROTON = 0.9382720
 Proton and pion masses, and their squares. Euler's constant.
static const double SPROTON = 0.8803544
static const double MPION = 0.1349766
static const double SPION = 0.0182187
static const double GAMMAEUL = 0.577215665
static const double TABSREF = 2e-3
 Reference scale for nominal definition of t slope.
static const double TABSMAX = 1.
static const double MINSLOPEEL = 10.

Detailed Description

The SigmaRPP class parametrizes total and elastic cross sections according to the fit in Review of Particle Physics 2014.

Member Function Documentation

bool calcTotEl ( int  idAin,
int  idBin,
double  sIn,
double  ,

Calculate integrated total/elastic cross sections.

Calculate total and (integrated) elastic cross sections.

Find appropriate combination of incoming beams.

Total cross section and the rho parameter.

Total elastic cross section, by integration in exp( MINSLOPEEL * t).

Approximate exponential slope.

Done if no Coulomb corrections.

Reduce hadronic part of elastic cross section by tMin cut.

Loop through t range according to dt/t^2.

Evaluate cross section difference between with and without Coulomb.

Include common factors to give new elastic and total cross sections.


Reimplemented from SigmaTotAux.

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