PYTHIA  8.303
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SingleClusterJet Class Reference

#include <Analysis.h>

Public Member Functions

 SingleClusterJet (Vec4 pJetIn=0., int motherIn=0)
 SingleClusterJet (const SingleClusterJet &j)
SingleClusterJetoperator= (const SingleClusterJet &j)

Public Attributes

Vec4 pJet
int mother
int daughter
int multiplicity
bool isAssigned
double pAbs
Vec4 pTemp


double dist2Fun (int measure, const SingleClusterJet &j1, const SingleClusterJet &j2)
 Distance measures (Lund, JADE, Durham) with friend. More...

Detailed Description

SingleClusterJet class. Simple helper class to ClusterJet for a jet and its contents.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

double dist2Fun ( int  measure,
const SingleClusterJet j1,
const SingleClusterJet j2 

Distance measures (Lund, JADE, Durham) with friend.

Distance measures between two SingleClusterJet objects.

Distance measures (Lund, JADE, Durham) with friend.

JADE distance.

Durham distance.

Lund distance; "default".

Member Data Documentation

Vec4 pJet

Properties of jet. Note: mother, daughter and isAssigned only used for original particles, multiplicity and pTemp only for reconstructed jets.

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