PYTHIA  8.303
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SpaceDipoleEnd Class Reference

Data on radiating dipole ends, only used inside SimpleSpaceShower. More...

#include <SimpleSpaceShower.h>

Public Member Functions

 SpaceDipoleEnd (int systemIn=0, int sideIn=0, int iRadiatorIn=0, int iRecoilerIn=0, double pTmaxIn=0., int colTypeIn=0, int chgTypeIn=0, int weakTypeIn=0, int MEtypeIn=0, bool normalRecoilIn=true, int weakPolIn=0, int iColPartnerIn=0, int idColPartnerIn=0)
void store (int idDaughterIn, int idMotherIn, int idSisterIn, double x1In, double x2In, double m2DipIn, double pT2In, double zIn, double xMoIn, double Q2In, double mSisterIn, double m2SisterIn, double pT2corrIn, int iColPartnerIn, double m2IFIn, double mColPartnerIn)
 Store values for trial emission.

Public Attributes

int system
 Basic properties related to evolution and matrix element corrections.
int side
int iRadiator
int iRecoiler
double pTmax
int colType
int chgType
int weakType
int MEtype
bool normalRecoil
int weakPol
int iColPartner
int idColPartner
int nBranch
 Properties specific to current trial emission.
int idDaughter
int idMother
int idSister
int iFinPol
double x1
double x2
double m2Dip
double pT2
double z
double xMo
double Q2
double mSister
double m2Sister
double pT2corr
double pT2Old
double zOld
double asymPol
double m2IF
double mColPartner
double pAccept
 Properties needed for the evaluation of parameter variations.

Detailed Description

Data on radiating dipole ends, only used inside SimpleSpaceShower.

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