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StauWidths Class Reference

Class StauWidths. More...

#include <SusyWidthFunctions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StauWidths ()
 ~StauWidths ()
double getWidth (int idResIn, int idIn) override
 Public method. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidthFunction
 WidthFunction ()
 Constructor and destructor.
void setPointers (Info *infoPtrIn)
 Public methods. More...

Protected Member Functions

void setChannel (int idResIn, int idIn)
 Switch between multiple functions. More...
double f (double xIn) override
 Definition of width function. More...

Protected Attributes

int fnSwitch
double delm
double f0
double gf
double cons
double wparam
complex gL
complex gR
- Protected Attributes inherited from WidthFunction
int idRes
int idInt
int id1
int id2
int id3
int id4
double mRes
double mInt
double gammaInt
double m1
double m2
double m3
double m4

Detailed Description

Class StauWidths.

Member Function Documentation

double f ( double  xIn)

Definition of width function.

Decay width functions documented in arXiv:1212.2886 Citron et. al.

~tau -> pi0 nu_tau ~chi0.

Implements WidthFunction.

double getWidth ( int  idResIn,
int  idIn 

Public method.

The StauWidths class. Width functions for 3-body stau decays.

Set up a function of only x, capturing the reference to 'this'

Integrate f

Reimplemented from WidthFunction.

void setChannel ( int  idResIn,
int  idIn 

Switch between multiple functions.

Common masses.

Couplings etc.


Set function switch and internal propagators depending on decay product.

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