PYTHIA  8.303
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StringSystem Class Reference

#include <FragmentationSystems.h>

Public Member Functions

 StringSystem ()
void setUp (vector< int > &iSys, Event &event)
 Set up system from parton list. More...
int iReg (int iPos, int iNeg) const
 Calculate string region from (iPos, iNeg) pair.
StringRegionregion (int iPos, int iNeg)
 Reference to string region specified by (iPos, iNeg) pair.
StringRegionregionLowPos (int iPos)
 Reference to low string region specified either by iPos or iNeg.
StringRegionregionLowNeg (int iNeg)

Public Attributes

vector< StringRegionsystem
 Main content: a vector with all the string regions of the system.
int sizePartons
 Other data members.
int sizeStrings
int sizeRegions
int indxReg
int iMax
double mJoin
double m2Join

Detailed Description

The StringSystem class contains the complete set of all string regions. Only to be used inside StringFragmentation, so no private members.

Member Function Documentation

void setUp ( vector< int > &  iSys,
Event event 

Set up system from parton list.

The StringSystem class.

Set up system from parton list.

Figure out how big the system is. (Closed gluon loops?)

Reserve space for the required number of regions.

Set up the lowest-lying regions.

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