PYTHIA  8.303
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Wave4 Class Reference

#include <HelicityBasics.h>

Public Member Functions

 Wave4 ()
 Constructors and destructor.
 Wave4 (complex v0, complex v1, complex v2, complex v3)
 Wave4 (Vec4 v)
complexoperator() (int i)
 Access an element of the wave vector.
Wave4 operator+ (Wave4 w)
 Wave4 + Wave4.
Wave4 operator- (Wave4 w)
 Wave4 - Wave4.
Wave4 operator- ()
complex operator* (Wave4 w)
 Wave4 * Wave4.
Wave4 operator* (complex s)
 Wave4 * complex.
Wave4 operator* (double s)
 Wave4 * double.
Wave4 operator/ (complex s)
 Wave4 / complex.
Wave4 operator/ (double s)
 Wave4 / double.

Protected Attributes

complex val [4]


Wave4 operator* (complex s, const Wave4 &w)
 complex * Wave4. More...
Wave4 operator* (double s, const Wave4 &w)
 double * Wave4.
Wave4 conj (Wave4 w)
 Complex conjugate.
Wave4 epsilon (Wave4 w1, Wave4 w2, Wave4 w3)
 Permutation operator.
double m2 (Wave4 w)
 Invariant squared mass for REAL Wave4 (to save time).
double m2 (Wave4 w1, Wave4 w2)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &output, Wave4 w)
 Wave4 * GammaMatrix multiplication is defined in the GammaMatrix class. More...

Detailed Description

The Wave4 class provides a class for complex four-vector wave functions. The Wave4 class can be multiplied with the GammaMatrix class to allow for the writing of helicity matrix elements.

Member Function Documentation

Wave4 operator- ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Wave4 operator* ( complex  s,
const Wave4 w 

complex * Wave4.

complex * Wave4.

Wave4 class. Friend methods to it.

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  output,
Wave4  w 

Wave4 * GammaMatrix multiplication is defined in the GammaMatrix class.

Print a Wave4 vector.

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