PYTHIA  8.305
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAmpCalculatorCalculator class for amplitudes, antennae, and Breit-Wigners
 CAmpWrapperClass to contain an amplitude and two outgoing polarizations
 CAntennaSetFSRThe AntennaSetFSR class. Simple container of FF and RF antenna functions
 CAntennaSetISRThe AntennaSetISR class. Simple container of II and IF antenna functions
 CAntWrapperClass to contain an antenna function and two outgoing polarizations
 CBeamDipolePurely internal to reconnectMPIs
 CBeamShapeBase class to set beam momentum and interaction spot spread
 CBoseEinsteinHadronSimple container for studied hadrons
 CBranchElementalISRThe BranchElementalISR class, container for 2 -> 3 trial branchings
 CColConfigDescribes the colour configuration of the whole event
 CColourStructureStorage device for containing colour structure of hard process
 CColourTracingColourTracing class. It is used to trace colours within the event record
 CColStateThe ColState class
 Ccreate_unordered_map< T, U >
 Ccreatemap< T, U >
 Ccreatevector< T >
 CDecayChannelThis class holds info on a single decay channel
 CDGLAPA class containing DGLAP splitting functions for limit checking
 CDireColChainsContainer for multiple color chains
 CDireHooksHooks is base class for user access to program execution
 CDirePSWeightContainer for a single weight with auxiliary information
 CDireSingleColChainDefinition of color chains
 CDireSpaceEndData on radiating dipole ends, only used inside DireSpace
 CDireTimesEndData on radiating dipole ends; only used inside DireTimes class
 CDireWeightContainerContainer for all shower weights, including handling
 CDummyForStreamsDummy to avoid harmless compiler warning that Streams.o has no symbols
 CSusyLesHouches::EntryClass for SLHA data entry
 CEventHolds all info on the generated event
 CEventHeaderEvent header struct
 CEventInfoClass for storing Events and Info objects
 CEventsOld event struct
 CEvents2New events struct
 CEvolutionWindowHelper struct for passing trial-alphaS information
 CEWAntennaBase class for an electroweak antenna
 CEWBranchingClass that contains an electroweak branching
 CEWParticleSimple class to save information about particles
 CEWParticleDataLocally saved particle data in glorified map
 CEWSystemClass that performs electroweak showers in a single parton system
 CFlagClass for bool flags
 CFVecClass for vector of bool flags
 CHardProcessParticleListList of hard particles
 Chash< pair< T1, T2 > >
 CHelicityMatrixElementThe helicity matrix element class
 CHistoryNodeClass for a single step in the history of a process
 CInBeamInBeam is a simple helper class for partons and their flux in a beam
 CMergingHooks::IndividualWeightsStruct to save individual weights
 CInfoGluonMovePurely internal to reconnectMove
 CInPairInPair is a simple helper class for colliding parton pairs and their flux
 CLHAgeneratorCollect generator information for an event file
 CLHAinitrwgtThe LHAinitrwgt assigns a group-name to a set of LHAweightgroup objects
 CLHAParticleA class for the particles stored in LHAup
 CLHAPDFInfoSimple structure to hold LHAPDF set information
 CLHAProcessA class for the processes stored in LHAup
 CLHArwgtThe LHArwgt assigns a group-name to a set of LHAwgt objects
 CLHAscalesCollect different scales relevant for an event
 CLHAweightCollect the wgt information
 CLHAweightgroupThe LHAweightgroup assigns a group-name to a set of LHAweight objects
 CLHAweightsThe LHAweights struct represents the information in a weights tag
 CLHAwgtCollect the wgt information
 CLHblock< T >************************* SLHA AUX CLASSES *****************************///
 CLHblock< double >
 CLHblock< int >
 CLHblock< string >
 CLHdecayChannel*************************** DECAY TABLES ***************************///
 CLHmatrixBlock< size >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 2 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 3 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 4 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 5 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 6 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 7 >
 CLHmatrixBlock< 8 >
 CLHtensor3Block< size >
 CLHtensor3Block< 3 >
 CModeClass for integer modes
 CMultiParticleStorage device for multiparticle
 CMVecClass for vector of integers
 CParmClass for double parms (where parm is shorthand for parameter)
 CParticleParticle struct
 CParticleDataThis class holds a map of all ParticleDataEntries
 CParticleDataEntryThis class holds info on a single particle species
 CPartonSystemsDescribes the whole set of subcollisions
 CPDFBase class for parton distribution functions
 CPDF::PDFEnvelopeError envelope from PDF uncertainty
 CPdfSetsContainers for PDF sets
 CPluginClass for loading plugin libraries at run time
 CPseudoChainConvenient shorthand for storing ordered list of chains
 CPVecClass for vector of doubles
 CPythiaTop-level routines to generate an event
 CQEDemitElementalClass for QED emissions
 CQEDsplitElementalClass for trial QED splittings
 CQEDsystemBase class for QED systems
 CRamboRambo flat phase-space generator
 CAngantyr::RedirectInternal class to redirect stdout
 CResolutionA simple class for containing evolution variable definitions
 CResonanceWidthsThe ResonanceWidths is the base class. Also used for generic resonaces
 CShowerMEsThe parton shower matrix-element interface
 CSubCollisionModel::SigEstInternal class to report cross section estimates
 CSigmaOniaSetupA helper class used to setup the onia processes
 CEvtGenDecays::SignalMap of signal particle info
 CSpaceDipoleEndData on radiating dipole ends, only used inside SimpleSpaceShower
 CStringLengthStringLength class. It is used to calculate the lambda measure
 CTimeDipoleEndData on radiating dipole ends; only used inside SimpleTimeShower class
 CTrialGeneratorBase class for trial generators
 CTrialReconnectionTrialReconnection class
 CVinciaClusteringSimple struct to store information about a 3 -> 2 clustering
 CVinciaHistoryHistory class for the Vincia shower
 CVinciaModuleBase class for Vincia's QED and EW shower modules
 CWordClass for string words
 CWVecClass for vector of strings
 CZetaGeneratorBase class for zeta trial generators