PYTHIA  8.303
HepMC Namespace Reference


class  PartonEndVertexException
 Exception thrown when an undecayed parton is written into the record. More...
class  Pythia8ToHepMC
 The Pythia8ToHepMC class. More...
class  Pythia8ToHepMCException
 Base exception for all exceptions that Pythia8ToHepMC might throw. More...

Detailed Description

HepMC2.h is a part of the PYTHIA event generator. Copyright (C) 2020 Torbjorn Sjostrand. PYTHIA is licenced under the GNU GPL v2 or later, see COPYING for details. Please respect the MCnet Guidelines, see GUIDELINES for details. Author: Mikhail Kirsanov, Exception classes provided by James Monk, with minor changes. Header file and function definitions for the Pythia8ToHepMC class, which converts a PYTHIA event record to the standard HepMC format.