PYTHIA  8.303
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Pythia8::LHAPDF5Interface Namespace Reference

Map the f77 routines to C++. More...


struct  LHAPDFInfo
 Simple structure to hold LHAPDF set information. More...


void initPDFsetM (int &nSet, string name)
 Initialize set with full pathname, allowing multiple sets.
void initPDFsetByNameM (int &nSet, string name)
 Initialize set with simple name, allowing multiple sets.
void initPDFM (int &nSet, int member)
 Initialize member of set.
void evolvePDFM (int &nSet, double x, double Q, double *xfArray)
 Evaluate x f_i(x, Q).
void evolvePDFpM (int &nSet, double x, double Q, double P2, double IP2, double *xfArray)
 Evaluate x f_i(x, Q) for photon beams.
void evolvePDFPHOTONM (int &nSet, double x, double Q, double *xfArray, double &xPhoton)
 Evaluate x f_i(x, Q) including photon.
void setPDFparm (string name)
 Extrapolate PDF set beyond boundaries, or freeze them there.
int findNSet (string setName, int member)
int freeNSet ()
 Method to return the lowest non-occupied nSet number.


map< int, LHAPDFInfoinitializedSets
 Global tracking of opened PDF sets.

Detailed Description

Map the f77 routines to C++.

Function Documentation

int Pythia8::LHAPDF5Interface::findNSet ( string  setName,
int  member 

Method to find the nSet number corresponding to a name and member. Returns -1 if no such LHAPDF5 set has been initialized.