PYTHIA  8.303
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Exc Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Exc (double yIn, double m0In, int iIn, int jIn, int kIn, RopeDipole *dip1In, RopeDipole *dip2In)
 The constructor.
void setParticlePtrs (Particle *p1, Particle *p2)
 Set pointers to the two excitation particles. More...
void shove (double dpx, double dpy)
 Give the excitation a kick in the x and y direction,. More...
Vec4 direction ()
 The push direction as a four vector.

Public Attributes

double y
 Member variables, slice rapidity and small cut-off mass.
double m0
int i
 Local particle indices.
int j
int k

Detailed Description

Exc class. It is a helper class to Ropewalk, used to describe a pair of excitations needed for shoving. It is kept away from users, as there are a lot of raw pointers floating around.

Member Function Documentation

void setParticlePtrs ( Particle p1,
Particle p2 

Set pointers to the two excitation particles.

Set a pointer to the excitation in the dipole.

void shove ( double  dpx,
double  dpy 

Give the excitation a kick in the x and y direction,.

The old momenta.

The new momenta, after the shove.

The differences between the two.

Now check if we can add these two excitations to the dipoles.

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