Save Settings

The information on this webpage is only valid if you access the PHP dynamic webpages via a web browser, and does not apply to the static HTML equivalents. With PHP, all of the settings in the PYTHIA program are represented by radio buttons or fill-in boxes, that makes it easy for you to construct a file with your desired changes. This file can then be read into PYTHIA by your main program to steer the whole run.

Basic instructions

The functionality of the PHP option is described in the following.

Supplementary notes

The documentation files exist in three versions.

  1. As a set of .xml files, in the xmldoc/ subdirectory. These are the master copies that no user ever should touch, but that are used to generate the variants below.
  2. As a set of .html files, in the htmldoc/ subdirectory. You can open your own locally installed copy of the Welcome.html file in your web browser and thereafter navigate among all the pages. You can learn which parameters are free to be changed, but not change anything, except by brute-force cut-and-paste to a file of your own.
  3. As a set of .php files, in the phpdoc/ subdirectory. For these files to provide the functionality described above they have to accessed via a webserver. The one where you have your homepage should work fine. Alternatively you can use pages already available on another server.

A few further comments about the operation of the PHP option: