Present program version: PYTHIA 8.2

While the release of PYTHIA 8.100 marked a clear break with the Fortran-based PYTHIA 6.4, the introduction of PYTHIA 8.2 follows the path of gradual evolution. That is, the new version does involve several new features, and some backwards incompatibilities, but not anything really dramatic. User-written programs that worked with 8.186 are also likely to work with 8.200, or at most require modest adjustments.

Given the low threshold, we expect the advantages with the new version to be sufficiently large that the transition should happen rapdily. However, should the need arise, a bug update could still be issued for the 8.1 series.

Look here for information on how to obtain new version alerts, how to contact us and how you can help us further develop PYTHIA.

See the Introduction for remarks on the VINCIA and DIRE shower plugins.


To get going with the program, do the following (on a Linux or Mac OS X system):


All necessary information how to run the program is available in subdirectories of the pythia8240 directory you unpacked above, and copies of them are also linked here.

Earlier versions

Normally there should be no reason now to install an older, obsolete version.
However, for backwards checks, this might be required, so here are the previous ones: