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Professor emeritus
in the Division of Particle and Nuclear Physics
at the Department of Physics,
Lund University.

CERN user in the
Theoretical Physics Department.
Work supported by the
Swedish Research Council,
contract number 2016-05996.

Member of MCnet.


7 March 2023:
New conference proceedings Pythia 8 as hadronic interaction model in air shower simulations
with Maximilian Reininghaus and Marius Utheim
(LU TP 23-02, arXiv:2303.02792 [astro-ph.HE] )

2 March 2023:
My home page now moved to .

17 February 2023:
PYTHIA version 8.309 now available.

1 January 2023:
The theoretical particle physics group is joined with the experimental particle physics one within the Department of Physics. My outgoing mail will now come from, but and remain acceptable aliases for incoming mail.

21 December 2022:
New article 50 Years of Quantum Chromodynamics
F. Gross, E. Klempt et al.
(LU TP 22-66, arXiv:2212.11107 [hep-ph] )

11 August 2022:
New conference proceedings Soft QCD theory
PoS (LHCP2022) 040
(LU TP 22-52, arXiv:2208.05284 [hep-ph] )

23 March 2022:
New article A comprehensive guide to the physics and usage of PYTHIA 8.3
C. Bierlich et al.
SciPost Phys. Codebases 8-r8.3 (2022)
(LU TP 22-16, MCnet-22-04, arXiv:2203.11601 [hep-ph] )
This 315-page article should be the standard PYTHIA main reference from now on.
In addition, separate physics articles should be referenced for specific aspects, where relevant for a given study.

9 March - 19 October 2022:
Contributed to five "white papers" of the 2022 Snowmass Summer Study, plus two further summaries thereof, see the full publications list for details.

24 September 2021:
New article The Forward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential
L.A. Anchordoqui et al.
Phys. Rep. 968 (2022) 1
(LU TP 21-36, arXiv:2109.10905 [hep-ph] )

29 August 2021:
My homepage has been moved to and reduced in scope to better comply with the EU accessibility directive.

10 August 2021:
New article Hadron Interactions for Arbitrary Energies and Species, with Applications to Cosmic Rays
with Marius Utheim
Eur. Phys. J. C82 (2022) 21
(LU TP 21-32, MCnet-21-14, arXiv:2108.03481 [hep-ph] )

3 June 2021:
The PYTHIA webpages have been moved to

31 May 2021:
Awarded the 2021 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Prize together with Bryan Webber.