in the Theoretical Particle Physics group
at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics,
Lund University.

CERN user in the Theoretical Physics Department.
Work supported in part by the Swedish Research Council,
contracts number 621-2013-4287 and 2016-05996.

This project has received funding from the European Research
(ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme, grant agreement No 668679.

Member of MCnet.
Work supported in part by Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks,
currently H2020 MCnetITN3 (grant agreement 722104),
previously FP7 MCnetITN (grant agreement PITN-GA-2012-315877).


6 October 2017:
PYTHIA version 8.230 now available.

1 October 2017:
New article Some Dipole Shower Studies
with B. Cabouat
LU TP 17-28, MCnet-17-14, arXiv:1710.00391 [hep-ph])

8 June 2017:
New book chapter The Development of MPI Modelling in PYTHIA
to be published in "Multiple Parton Interactions at the LHC", P. Bartalini and J. R. Gaunt, eds., World Scientific
(LU TP 17-22, MCnet-17-10, arXiv:1706.0216616 [hep-ph])

4 February 2017:
New contribution Colour Reconnections from LEP to Future Colliders
in "Parton Radiation and Fragmentation from LHC to FCC-ee" workshop proceedings
LU TP 17-02, arXiv:1702.01329 [hep-ph]

1 November 2016:
New article Thermodynamical String Fragmentation
with N. Fischer
JHEP 1701 (2017) 140
(LU TP 16-57, CoEPP-MN-16-25, MCnet-16-40, arXiv:1610.09818 [hep-ph])

23 August 2016:
New article Status and developments of event generators
PoS (LHCP2016) 007
(LU TP 16-47, MCnet-16-36, arXiv:1608.06425 [hep-ph])

18 December 2015:
New article Hard Diffraction with Dynamic Gap Survival
with C.O. Rasmussen
JHEP 02 (2016) 142
(LU TP 15-56, MCnet-15-36, arXiv:1512.05525 [hep-ph])

1 July 2015:
New article Colour Reconnection at Future e+e- Colliders
with J.R. Christiansen
Eur. Phys. J. C75 (2015) 9, 441
(LU TP 15-25, MCnet-15-15, arXiv:1506.09085 [hep-ph])

12 October 2014:
New article An Introduction to PYTHIA 8.2
with S. Ask, J.R. Christiansen, R. Corke, N. Desai, P. Ilten, S. Mrenna, S. Prestel, C.O. Rasmussen, P.Z. Skands
Comput. Phys.Commun. 191 (2015) 159
(LU-TP-14-36, MCNET-14-22, CERN-PH-TH-2014-190, FERMILAB-PUB-14-316-CD, DESY-14-178, SLAC-PUB-16122, arXiv:1410.3012 [hep-ph])

24 July 2014:
New article Effects of color reconnection on t tbar final states at the LHC
with S. Argyropoulos
JHEP 11 (2014) 043
(LU TP 14-23, DESY 14-134, MCnet-14-15, arXiv:1407.6653 [hep-ph])