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PYTHIA8: Proposed updates to Tau Table

Warning: Purely unvalidated project !! 
  • All the values seem to have changed a little.
  • Follwing table, carries a comparison of the old PYTHIA numbers with what I think to be corresponding numbers in PDG.
  • The column "SNo", is the serial number of mode in PYTHIA table, while "SNo(PDG)" is the corresponding number at PDG page.
  • My feelings about the various modes are listed in comments section.
SNo.Products(PYTH)BRatio(PYTH) SNo.(PDG)Products(PDG)BRatio(PDG)Comment
1 ντ π-0.108924 Γ9π-,ντ(10.83+/-0.06)e-2O.K
2 ντ K-0.006885 Γ10K-,ντ(7.00+/-0.10)e-3O.K
3 ντ e- νe-bar0.178345 Γ5e-,νeτ(17.83+/-0.04)e-2O.K
4 ντ mu- νμ-bar0.173545 Γ3μ-,νμτ(17.41+/-0.04)e-2O.K
5 ντ π0 π-0.254890 Γ14π-,π0,ντ(25.52+/-0.09)e-2O.K
6 ντ K0 K-0.001513 Γ37K-K0,ντ(1.59+/-0.16)e-3O.K
7 ντ η K-0.000263 Γ127ηK-,ντ(1.52+/-0.08)e-4CHECK
8 ντ π- Kbar00.008957 Γ35π-K0,ντ(8.4+/-0.4)e-3O.K
9 ντ π0 K-0.004491 Γ16K-,π0,ντ(4.29+/-0.15)e-3O.K
10 ντ π0 π0 π-0.092370 Γ20π-2,π0,ντ(ex.K0)(9.30+/-0.11)e-2O.K
11 ντ π- π- π+0.089813 Γ59π-,π+,π-,ντ(9.31+/-0.06)e-2O.K
12 ντ π0 π- π- π+0.044435 Γ68π-,π+,π-,π0,ντ(4.62+/-0.06)e-2O.K
13 ντ π0 π0 π0 π-0.010313 Γ27π-3,π0,ντ(ex.K0)(1.05+/-0.07)e-2O.K
14 ντ π0 π- Kbar00.003757 Γ40π-K0,π0,ντ(4.0+/-0.4)e-3O.K
15 ντ π- π+ K-0.003292 Γ84K-,π+,π-,ντ(3.49+/-0.16)e-3O.K
16 ντ π0 π0 K-0.000555 Γ23K-2,π0,ντ(ex.K0)(6.5+/-2.3)e-4O.K
17 ντ π- K- K+0.001519 Γ93K-K+,π-,ντ(1.44+/-0.05)e-3O.K
18 ντ π0 K0 K-0.001518 Γ42K-K0,π0,ντ(1.59+/-0.20)e-3O.K
19 ντ K_L0 π- K_S00.001087 Γ48π-K0_S;K0_L;,ντ(1.2+/-0.4)e-3CHECK
20 ντ K_L0 K_L0 π-0.000235 NFnanaContained Above?
21 ντ π- K_S0 K_S00.000235 Γ47π-K0_S;K0_S;,ντ(2.4+/-0.5)e-4O.K
22 ντ γ π0 π-0.001762 NFnanaCHECK
23 ντ π0 π0 π- π- π+0.004935 NFnanaCHECK
24 ντ π0 π- η0.001744 Γ125η,π-,π0,ντ(1.39+/-0.10)e-3CHECK
25 ντ π0 π0 π0 π0 π-0.000957 NFnanaCHECK
26 ντ π- π- π- π+ π+0.000834 Γ1023h-2h+,ντ(ex.K0)(8.39+/-0.35)e-4O.K
27 ντ π- π- π+ η0.000225 Γ135η,π-,π+,π-,ντ(ex.K0)(1.64+/-0.12)e-4CHECK
28 ντ π0 π0 π- η0.000145 Γ126η,π-,π0,π0,ντ(1.5+/-0.5)e-4O.K
29 ντ π0 π0 π- ω0.000135 Γ152h-,ω2,π0,ντ(1.4+/-0.5)e-4O.K
30 ντ π- π- π+ ω0.000118 Γ1542h-h+,ω,ντ(1.20+/-0.22)e-4O.K
31 ντ ω K-0.000400 Γ150K-,ω,ντ(4.1+/-0.9)e-4O.K
32 ντ π0 π0 π0 K-0.000397 Γ28K-3,π0,ντ(ex.K0,,η)(4.8+/-2.2)e-4CHECK