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Lars Gislén, Ph.D.

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Dala 7163

SE-24297 Hörby


Phone +46 413 320 43

Email: larsg@vasterstad.se

Scientific publications

Pedagogical publications

Swedish National Physics Competitions

Statistical Mechanics, Lecture Notes Part1

Statistical Mechanics, Lecture Notes Part2

The Dirac Equation, Lecture Notes

Mie Theory, Lecture Notes

Particle Physics & Cosmology, Lecture Notes

System Theory, Lecture Notes

Fourier & Laplacetransformer, Lecture Notes

Maxwells ekvationer, Lecture Notes

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Download Divergent Light Halo Pascal Unit

Download Divergent Light Halo C++ Unit

Download DH include file

The following divergent halo stereo pictures should be viewed "cross-eyed". Due to the plotting routine the intensities are not represented quite correctly. The left picture has source elevation 10 degrees. It displays parhelia, superparhelia, subparhelia, subsun, and sun pillars. The right picture is a fisheye view of a simulated halo with source elevation 20 degrees.

Download divergent halo picture 1 Download divergent halo picture 2

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