Henrik Jönsson, Professor
Computational Biology and Biological Physics
Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Lund University

Sölvegatan 14A, S-223 62 Lund
Ph: +46 46 222 0663, +46 707 235 175
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I am sharing my time between Lund and the Sainsbury Laboratory at University of Cambridge. My travel schedule.


My main interest is to develop models for multicellular develpmental systems in collaboration with experimental biologists. Included in this is models for gene regulation, molecular reactions and transport, as well as models for cellular growth and proliferation and mechanical interactions. The research is within the emerging field of Computational Morphodynamics.

Publications or via Google Scholar

Some projects include:

Mechanical signals in plant shoot development.
In collaboration with the groups of Jan Traas, Olivier Hamant and Arezki Boudaoud in Lyon, Elliot Meyerowitz at Caltech, and Marcus Heisler at EMBL.

Plant stem cell regulation and phyllotaxis.
In collaboration with Eric Mjolsness at UCI, and the Meyerowitz group at Caltech. (Computable plant)

Bacterial and yeast cell colony growth.
Together with Andre Levchenko at the Johns Hopkins University/Yale University.

Planar cell polarity and auxin distributions in the plant root.
In collaboration with Markus Grebe at Umeå Plant Science Centre/University of Potsdam.

Comparing dynamics of stem cell maintenance, differentiation, and reprogramming between plants and animals.
In Collaboration with Carsten Peterson at CBBP.

Optimization, from parameter fitting to combinatorial optimization.
Relating back to my PhD work with my thesis advisor Bo Söderberg.


Computational Physics, FYTN03
Systems Biology, BNF079
Theoretical Biophysics, FYTN05/TEK267 Some material relating to my lectures can be found here.
The Scientific Method, MNXA09. My slides and some literature can be found here.
Biological systems, TEK292. Material for the computer exercise can be found here.


Laura Brown (Postdoc, SLCU)
Pau Formosa (Postdoc, SLCU, shared with E Meyerowitz and J Locke)
Bettina Greese (Postdoc)
Jérémy Gruel (Postdoc, SLCU)
Pawel Krupinski (Postdoc)
Yassin Refahi (Postdoc, SLCU, together with ENS-Lyon)
José Teles (Postdoc, SLCU)
Lisa Willis (Postdoc, SLCU)
Behruz Bozorg (PhD student)
Andre Larsson (PhD student)
Niklas Korsbo (Master student)


Vincent Mirabet (Postdoc, SLCU, together with E Meyerowitz and ENS-Lyon) Pontus Melke (PhD student)
Patrik Sahlin (PhD student)


Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation via Shapesystems

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