Malin Sjödahl

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ColorMath is a Mathematica package for symbolically performing color summed calculations in SU(Nc). It is based on advanced pattern matching and uses a syntax which is very similar to how QCD color structure is written on paper.

To get started, it is recommended to use the Mathematica notebook ColorMathTutorial1.0.nb. However, the ColorMath paper is recommended for more details and better understanding. ColorMath has been tested with Mathematica 7, 8 and 9, but also seems to work with 10. ColorMath is published in EPJC as well as on the Wolfram Library Archive.


The ColorMath paper, package and tutorial can be downloaded here: (The only change between ColorMath0.90.m (November 8 2012) and ColorMath1.0.m (February 12 2013) is that the information displayed while loading the package has been updated, and that one internal variable has been renamed in order to make the package compatible with Mathematica 9.)

This document was last modified May 20th 2015