About me

Let me start with something that does not have anything to do with physics. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my girlfriend Rina and our daughter Stella (born August 2010).
I went to school in Copenhagen. First at Østerbro Lilleskole, later at Det frie Gymnasium, where Rina and I met. I have studied physics and math first at Roskilde University (where I received my Ba. degree) and later at University of Copenhagen (where I received my Ma. degree). Now I am studying for a Ph.D. at Lund University in Sweden (Denmark and Sweden is well connected, so I commute every day).
I like music, and I play the guitar, and I have done so for quite many years. Although I don't generally play for larger audiences than my daughter these days, I still fancy myself a guitarist.
I have been doing Live Action Role Playing for a long time, and still enjoys doing so once in a while. If you want to know what that is all about, Discovery Channel aired a 15 minute piece about a LARP I participated in, in 2013. You can watch it on Youtube.
In 2011 I co-edited a book on the subject, which I think is quite an enjoyable read, if you are interested in the subject. In can be downloaded for free (as we're the kind of guys who believe in that), or ordered in hard copy by pressing the same link.