Computer vision

The course on computer vision was a special course within the framework of the COMPUTE research school. The aim was to give graduate students from very diverse fields an introduction to computer vision theory and technology, and provide means to enable students to use these tools in own research. It was very interesting to meet and greet with other people from various fields. I especially recall a guy who made his Ph.D taking pictures of flora and fauna around the world, using stationary camaras, which were setup to take a picture a couple of times a day. He would then use computer vision methods to decide state of vegetation, time of year and so on, automatically from the pictures. I did a project where I separated Higgs particles from a very noisy background (the b-bbar channel), using various multivariate methods. I was very surprised how good the results were, and if anyone reading this would like to look at boosted Higgs particles in the b-bbar channel, they are very welcome to get my final report here or to look at my presentation . Multivariate methods are very fascinating to me, and probably one of the neccesary ingredients to make real AI, artificial intelligence. It will definitely be something I will pursue further at some point in the future.