Malin Sjödahl

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Contact Information

The ö is replaced by o.
Tel: +46-46-222 06 65
Visiting Address: Office K232
Sölvegatan 14A
SE-223 62 Lund
Postal Address: Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Lund University
Sölvegatan 14A
SE-223 62 Lund


My research is focused on the strong force, Quantum ChromoDynamics, QCD. Especially, I am concerned with treating the full SU(3) color structure associated with QCD. Initially I studied the color structure in a resummation context, but recently my focus has been on color suppressed terms in parton showers, and on the construction of orthogonal, group theory based, bases for the color space. This has also resulted in one Mathematica package, ColorMath, and one C++ package, ColorFull for algebraically performing color summed calculations in QCD.

A list of publications can be found via INSPIRE.



Below is a selection of talks:

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